BMW (3 Series) E46 (IKE) Instrument Cluster Mileage programming
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BMW (3 Series) E46 (IKE) Instrument Cluster Mileage programming

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  • Manufacturer: BMW
  • Condition: New
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Please Note We Do Not Repair Pixels of your Cluster this is a Coding and programming Service.


This is a BMW E46 (3 Series) IKE Instrument cluster programming service. This Service is very useful if you have a USED Instrument Cluster (IKE) and need to program it into your Car rather than spending a fortune at your Local BMW Dealer Ship. 


When you install a USED IKE you will have the following problems.

1. Tamper Dot (Due to Wrong Vin number)

2. Wrong Mileage.

3. De-Value of your Car. In all cases the Mileage is wrong even if its below what the real mileage is, You still have to make all the Mileage correct.

4. Wrong Programming. (Used clusters might come from different BMW's, Example a Manual car and yours is a Automatic etc.)

5. Wrong Coding (Same issue as No. 4)


We can solve all those issues by You sending a USED Instrument Cluster, Even if it comes from a different Model than yours. As long as it still falls into its category . (3 Series E46)

For example if you have a E46 330Ci (Convertible) and Manual transmission. You can still get a cluster from a E46 325i (Sedan) because it still falls into the category E46 and so on.


Please provide the following :


1 box with a Max dimensions of (15L x 11W x 6H Inches)

The UPS label will be provided by email or USPS post in case you don't have a printer. if you choose the option " By PDF " then the UPS label will be sent as PDF file which should be very simple for printing.



Part numbers & Models Supported : 



All BMW E46's (3 Series) Years 1999 to 2006




Shipping cost to Your Destination


U.S & Canada Overnight Shipping Guaranteed to arrive the Next day by 10:30 a.m ($40).






Toll Free 1-888-212-4073




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