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03/27/2015 04:55:16


Orders now take 1 Business day upon Arrival, We only ship Overnight Service from anywhere in the U.S or Canada for $20 each way. You will receive your FedEx Return Label by Email.

(For example: send an Order on a Monday Morning, You will then receive it on a Thursday Morning if this is a USED ECU Programming Service.)

If you order a Ready to Go part it will be delivered the Next Day!


How Do I place an Oder?

Through our Online Store is the most secured and beneficial way since its linked to our Server, so all the info you put such as VIN Numbers, Program Numbers etc will be copied into our diagnostic machines.


Can I call to place an order?

Yes you may call 1-888-212-4073 and dial 1 for our Sales Department; we will still need you to do it through our Online Store; however we will stay with you on the phone to guide you in case you need assistance until your order is complete.


How long do Orders take to be shipped?

1 to 2 business days to complete, we sometimes do it in 1 Business day and even Same Day Shipping on Urgent requests, but for both our protection, we need 1 to 2 business days. For Services or for Clients sending parts its 1 to 2 business Days upon Arrival and not when you place the order, Overnight Shipping is selected by Default for the U.S & Canada.


How Much do you Charge for Shipping?

Anywhere in the U.S & Canada, its Overnight Shipping for $40 (HI-PR-AL is $55). Europe and AU is $65 All other International shipping is $90.


Where are you guys located?

We are located in Hawthorne, California and Vancouver, Bc for more info Click Here


Where do I send My Parts to?

Once your order is placed, we will send you a FedEx Label via email. All FedEx Label are linked to our Orders, so once a package shows up it takes a couple of minutes to send it to the right department after scanning it, this makes it easier than just randomly accepting packages.


What time do you guys open?  

Our Company is opened Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM (Pacific Standard Time).


You guys may be busy so what’s the best way to communicate with you?


We are never too busy for our clients; there are 4 ways to communicated with us, Phone - Email Support - Live Support - Requesting a Call Back.

U.S & Canada May Call our Toll Free Number at 1-888-212-4073If all technicians are assisting other Customers, A Service representative will kindly ask you to leave your information to be put in our Call Back System. Our Call back are usually within 30 miniutes.


What is the best way to search for an Item or a Service?

For best search results please enter your 7 digit BMW ECU Part Number in the Quick Search button located on the left hand side.



In the Year 2011 alone, over 3000 unsolved cases by Dealerships across the U.S & Canada were proudly solved by our leading team.