This is a BMW E46 (3 Series) Remote Key Set (Total of 4)

This is a BMW E46 (3 Series) Remote Key Set Years 1999 to 2006. The Set Comes as 2 Original BMW Remote Keys and 2 Non Remote Spare Keys.

This Key Set will fit your Current BMW Model which is supported Below. These Keys will be laser Cut here to fit your Current lock. (Your EWS & 1 Key will have to be sent to us) (See Description below).


There are Two Options when you purchase this Key Set. You can either Order the New Ovule New shape Key, Or you can Order the Old Shape Square type Key. (Both will work on your Car)



Models Supported :


E46 (3 Series) 323i, 323Ci, 325i, 325Ci, 328i, 328Ci, 330i, 330Ci, M3 (Years 1999 to 2006)



Important Option Selection :


A. "Shipping cost to our destination?" This option is Mandatory. You may choose to send the EWS and your Original Key through UPS 2 Days Select for 28.00$ or Overnight it for 40.00$. You must provide a Box Dimension of 12L x 9W x 2H.



B. " How Many Keys do you Own " This option is Mandatory. We know that you are sending 1 Key but we need to know how many Keys are you keeping with you when you are sending your EWS Unit. Please choose option " 1, 2 , 3 or More" Please note "1" Key means that you have 1 Key including what you are sending us.


C. " Which BMW Key Set ? " You may choose 3 Types of Key Sets, The First Complete Key set costs 300$ and has the newer shape Keys + 2 Other Non Remote Spare Keys. The Second Key set Costs 240$ and has the older shape Remote and also includes 2 Non remote Keys. Please note both Remote Sets will work perfect on your remote system regardless of your Year and Model.The Third Set is 4 Non Remote Keys and Costs 175$.




 D. " Have Your 10 Keys been Used ? " In some cases, Customers may have used all their 10 Keys limit in their EWS security system, This is when BMW Asks you to replace the whole system and could cost you a fortune. At this point we would have to restore your current EWS and Make it able to accept Keys again. This option is unique since you don't have to buy a new EWS system.



Shipping Information




U.S & Canada Overnight Shipping Guaranteed to arrive the Next day by 10:30 a.m (40.00$).

Europe , United Kingdom & Australia 2 Days Shipping (65.00$).

International Shipping 2-3 Days Shipping (90.00$).





Toll Free 1-888-212-4073




This is a BMW E46 (3 Series) Remote Key Set (Total of 4)
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